Once upon a time, Les Mollets Frisquets...

Costume designer by trade, I have always liked to create new ways of doing things, see things from a different perspective and have a broader vision of what surrounds me. Convinced that by investing in sustainability a better world would be possible, I quietly designed, brick by brick, step by step Les Mollets Frisquets.

Today, sustainable development, a fundamental value for me, is integrated into all spheres of the company: as much in the raw material, in its subcontracting as well as in the quality and durability of the various products.

In addition, my integrity and frankness make me an entrepreneur who listens with absolute respect to my clients. Allowing myself greater versatility in one's wardrobe, regardless of the season, thus reinforces my conviction: Consume better in order to Consume less.

Values that are not shy

Since 2012, the company Les Mollets Frisquets has been tasked with creating clothes by recycling various textiles as much as possible and thus reducing the quantities of fabrics discarded. Thanks to the making of leggings, cuffs and sleeves using entirely used textile fibers, Marie-Eve Roy values responsible elegance. Unique decorative touches are added to it with cuttings, buttons and salvaged jewelry. In this way, his work reflects his vision of eco-responsible consumption.

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